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After seeing a man’s head aired out with a hatchet, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou shudders in dread and disarray as she escapes from the veiled attacker, just to discover she’s caught in an unwanted structure where each entryway is strangely bolted. Urgently looking for an exit plan, Yuri hurries to the roof, however a world without any indications of life remains before her, encircled by tall structures. Despite the fact that loaded up with despair, when she discovers that her sibling is likewise in this abnormal spot, Yuri is resolved to discover him and break.

Nonetheless, she before long finds that there are more veiled killers around there, on edge to threaten their freshly discovered casualties and satisfy their most ailing longings, leaving Yuri to address in the event that they will actually want to make it out alive.


Jalvi_2812 3/10

The first 4 episodes got me intrigued into this anime that aired today in Netflix. But a bit of loose writing I would say, with unnecessary moments of comedy and displaying panties and stuff made me off of High Rise Invasion.

The only thing I can say that was constant was the art. The animation was pretty good by Zero-G. The story started pretty well but I felt that it was way too rushed which impacted the quality of the latter episodes disastrously.

In my opinion, it deserves 1.5/5 stars overall and I don’t plan to watch or wait for a 2nd season, whatsoever..

anime-prime 8/10

Don’t make a drinking game out of the random panty shots in Thigh-Rise Invasion (pun intended). It won’t turn out well for your health.

High-Rise Invasion has an interesting premise and a very strong start, filled with mystery and suspense, but as it went on, those aspects decreased and the flaws of the show became more apparent.

This anime is about a group of people who are suddenly thrust into a bizarre world and need to find a way out. This is actually very similar to the live action Japanese TV show that aired on Netflix a little while back called Alice in Borderland. Definitely give that show a watch, as it’s very good (it also has an English audio option). The immediate mystery creates a huge draw for the series, and you are instantly put into the character’s place trying to figure everything out, just like the characters are.

One of the aforementioned flaws in this anime was the animation. Studio Zero-G isn’t a well known giant in the industry. In fact, I haven’t seen any other anime from that studio so I can’t say how well it matches compared to their previous work, but the animation for High-Rise Invasion, while clean, was a little lazy. Both in and out of action sequences. Nothing looked bad, but it is a shame that this show couldn’t be given to a more well known animation studio. There were no flashy moments of sakuga and even regular movements seemed off sometimes. There were also some bad CGI integrations that really seemed out of place. That being said, the character designs were nice at least.

Animation alone doesn’t always make or break a show though and while the animation by itself might not have been the shows strong suit, it wasn’t the only flaw in the show. The characters themselves weren’t that well developed. Some were given backstories that took themselves too seriously considering some of the shows goofiness and other characters backstories were somehow too ridiculous even considering the rest of the show. On that note, the tone of the show was all over the place. The show at times doesn’t know if it wanted to be taken seriously or not. One minute a person could be beheaded in a supposed to be sad moment, and the next, there is an “accidental” panty shot.

That brings up the biggest flaw, the fan-service. I don’t mind fan-service if there is a point to it in the narrative, but there really wasn’t any point to it here. It was just a way to reach a certain viewing audience and sell better to that crowd. Every episode there were multiple panty shots and there were a few nearly nude scenes thrown in though nothing explicit is shown. There is also some Yuri subtext in between the two main leads which leads nowhere but will appeal to a large viewership nonetheless.

The music in the anime did its job. The OP is done by Empire, so those who watch Black Clover might recognize the artist. It took a few listens, but I ended up really liking the OP. The ED is mostly forgettable though. The OST did its job and really hyped up the scenes to be epic when needed. The voice acting (English Dub) was pretty good as well.

While the story starts off really strong, as it goes on, the plot sort of becomes a mess, many things don’t make sense, and since it ended off unfinished and needed a second season, lots of questions remain to be answered.

All that being said, this show was a lot of fun. Some of the lines in fact would have fit right in an abridged series. Like “I recognize those panties anywhere” (paraphrasing). High-Rise Invasion is just a funny brainless popcorn flick at times, and a suspenseful thrilling mystery at others. The sum of its parts don’t equal out to the whole for this anime. While there are big flaws and not so many strengths, it really is an enjoyable anime. Whether you enjoy it ironically or not is up to others to decide for themselves, but I had a blast watching it. I might even watch it again with my siblings and laugh with them about it.

In the end really, the over-the-top ridiculousness may be what makes or breaks the show for you. Some people might think of parts of the show as too dumb while others might think of it as dumb but fun.

Overall, I am rating High-Rise Invasion an 8. There were too many flaws to score higher than that, but it was also too enjoyable and fun to give a lower score. I haven’t watched an anime as enjoyable as this in a while, so I guess that is my recommendation. Watch it and then either praise it or bash it, as long as you have fun doing so then you got something out of it.

P.S. Only calling this anime Thigh-Rise Invasion from this moment on.

Heez 4/10

When I heard that Tenkuu Shinpan was recieving an anime adaptation, I was really excited, even considering that Zero-G is a mainly Slice of Life studio. I was curious, how it all would turn out in the end? Would Netflix censor everything?

What attracted me in the manga was the whole dark and lonely premise of being trapped in a skyscraper maze with dozens of killers. Okay, we got a high school girl wearing skirts as the MC (be prepared for many random panty shots), but that was not a problem to me, actually, I was curious about how a defenseless girl would survive in that world.
Considering all that, I was expectating an equally dark atmosphere in the anime, something like Hellsing Ultimate, maybe? but no, it was not. We recieved a colorful anime, I mean, a REALLY colorful anime, it is something that I would expect in a comedy show, not in an “horror” tagged one. But okay, I mean, “If you want a grey color pallet, go read the manga”, right? So yeah, ignoring that, I was hoping that at least we could get some cool gore scenes with terrifying killers and breathtaking situations, did we recieved this? You right, no. I mean, in the first encounter of Yuri with a killer (ep 1 minor spoilers), the man point a katana to her face and the girl puts out the SAME expression that a rom-com girl do when the MC says something lame. Like, hello? you’re about to be decapitated by a katana, girl, wtf.

While watching it, I couldn’t feel Yuri’s fear, I couldn’t feel any emotions at all, I think the approach taken by the studio was not the best for this show. What should be a story filled with thriller, mistery and blood, ended up as an “okay” show with some dumb comedy traces.
And don’t get me wrong, Yuri really is a tough girl, however she took some chapters to put everything togheter in the manga, but in the anime the girl is already playing midgames with killers in the first episode, and that happened cause the pace is awful, so awful that you can say it’s an original story, they JUMPED from chapter 3 to 21 in the first episode, I’m not even joking, it’s like they wanted to put 250 chapters into 12 episodes.

The animation is ok, the art is ok, the dub is ok, the OST is ok, but looks like a SOL studio was not the best choice for an horror anime. In the end, Tenkuu Shinpan is an average manga that got an even more average adaptation, it’s sad cause they could’ve pulled out something amazing, but that dumb, “funny” and – panty shots – atmosphere plus the rushed pace are just lame.

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