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Ryouhei Arisu is a secondary school understudy without any desire and simply needs to escape from what he feels is a negligible reality. One night when he is with his two companions Daikichi Karube and Chouta Segawa, they see a strangely enormous firecracker shoot into the sky, an occasion which flags a lasting change in their lives.

Dazed by the inconceivably splendid blast, the three wind up moved to what exactly is known as the Borderland. The solitary occupants of this world are members of a dangerous game where explicit undertakings should be cultivated on the off chance that they wish to endure. As the three start playing to decide how they can get back home, Ryouhei winds up feeling invigorated for the absolute first time in quite a while life.


Nivo3041 4/10

What a disappointment

Actually Alice in Borderlands is one or my favorite manga, I enjoy reading each chapter, it has been a while since I read the manga, so I wanted to see these 3 ovas to see how good they are, after all for my Alice in Bordelands it was a great and I knew that, despite being 3 ovas, it could be a good thing from there (well, I was wrong).

The story does not change much, Arisu Ryohei, tired of his life and with an inferiority complex by his brother, appears in another world with his 2 friends after seeing some fireworks, in the “new world” (which is equal to the Earth, but without many people) there are some survival games in which Arisu will have to participate to survive, the plot is simple, but it can unleash many possibilities, but the pacing is terrible, the plot rushes so much that we can not get to Psychologically understand the characters or their actions, the ovas only take advantage that they are a game of death to play great and develop them well (that is a good point that the ova have at least) and then forget everything else, it shows due to the emphasis to make each game fit a game and making their preparations, which does not work because the grace that the games had was to see how the protagonists faced the games in a psychological way and in a way Inamica, while here they only focused on making the game great, leaving a kind of “style over substance”, since the reflections and deductions of the characters completely dislodge due to the inconsistency that the ovas had to prioritize and retract the games ( it takes very little time to explain correctly and dynamically).

The last game was the one I gave the most hope, but the flask forward (as opposed to flask back) that were recurrent in the chapter made the majority of the chapter’s dialogue meaningless and explicitly let you understand that something wrong It was going to happen (which is a simple way to put tension although with everything, this game was the one that best treated the tension), without the need to resort to psychological immersion, which generates, although all the games are raised in a way correct, the latter in particular could have developed in a great way, but the little immersion with the characters and the fact that we could not get into their mentality makes their deaths do not feel like something emotional or that has weight (although the soundtrack did a good job in general), so, despite the good approach, the development was mediocre.

The characters are where the ovas weakest, in the manga the characters are undoubtedly their best element (especially Arisu), due to the duration of the ovas the characters are very poor, you can not get to emphasize with any due to the emphasis that is only given to the games and in the ingenious way to solve them, it is not at the end of the third game where you can get to understand the feelings of the characters, but that only serves to generate an emotional scene where friends of Arisu die, if not for that reason the characters never managed to express themselves correctly, the exposition of deep themes is very superficial and pretentious (we never really get to know much about Arisu’s past or why Chouta feels a loading, they are only vague themes presented in a superficial way), so the exposition of themes is superficial and does not complement the characters due to their poor presentation in the chapters (although I always I talk about character designs in other reviews, here I have nothing to say, it is normal), the characters besides being poor do not get to express their personality well nor can we see great relationships with each other (which is a contradiction taking in mind that they are best friends), so outside the protagonist the other characters become very boring due to their little time on screen (it provides very badly the exhibition of characters, something that did not happen in the manga).

The animation is normal, although the scenarios are very muted and low in color that they use to express more the dark tone of the ovas themselves, outside of that the transitions are mediocre and the facial gestures too, the animation does not help to focus the viewer on certain aspects, at least the animation is not as bad as you might think at the beginning, it just does not meet decent standards.

The end of the ovas only leaves the viewer anxious, forcing him to read the manga, which makes it a concise ending, but with clear intentions, I really find that these ovas were totally wasted, the manga being a work that gives much emphasis to psychological aspects and the ingenuity of the games, the anime only gave emphasis to the “ingenuity” of the games (since the few that appear are not the big deal), well, a short review, if I don’t talk about other aspects of the ovas it is because it is irrelevant, I really would not recommend these ovas to anyone, or to someone who would like an anime about people in a survival game because in the end and seeing it in retrospect it is likely that there are not many things either good to get out of this animation

Bubbles1515 9/10

Story 10/10

I started watching this cuz I heard the netflix versions was really good so i chose to watch the anime first. the plot is really good its an amazing idea id like to see more off (so ill probs watch the netflix version).

Art 7/10
The art is standart nothing special

Sound 8/10
The emotional songs are really good in this anime

Characters 10/10
I loved all the characters mainly Chouta.

Enjoyment 10/10
This anime really has you on the edge of your seat the entire time, mainly episode 3.

Overall 9/10
I’d recommend this anime a lot, if it had more episodes it would probs have become one of my fav.

AniTravlr 9/10

Think Mirai Nikki, Btooom!, and No Game No life wrapped into a neat package of absolute adrenaline. All with an underlying tone of sweet suspense. Missing an ending.


The Story has elements of suspense and drama, but ultimately is a coming of age type of story. Missing an ending.

Protagonist is definitely one of the most fleshed out characters I have ever seen. His internal conflict is one that many face, and the anime does a great job of detailing his character in such a concise amount of episodes. The supporting characters are memorable, but for the most part cliched.

Art and Sound are good Quality, with the art being outstanding in terms of direction and audience engagement.

Enjoyability: 100%

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